About salient knives

Salient might be a new name in knifemaking, but our passion and heritage have impeccable credentials. Salient founder Marc Engall was a close friend of world renowned knifemaker Stephen Wade Cox and for over a decade was schooled by him in the art of knifemaking.

Following Stephen’s untimely passing in 2016, Marc was inspired to follow in his mentor’s footsteps and create his own range of knives. His vision was to bring together the expert insights and craft skills learned from Stephen, with the expertise in precision engineering and  manufacturing of co-founder, Cameron McIntosh, to offer knives that set new standards in performance and style.

After five years in design, development, and sourcing of specialist partners who share our commitment to quality,  we are now proud to introduce Salient Knives.

Meet the team

Marc Engall

Marc has been involved in the hi-tech industry for most of his 26 year career, in various senior front line commercial roles whilst indulging his passion for knifemaking learned over a decade of study with one of the UK’s most respected knife makers, his friend Stephen Wade Cox. With his craft skills and commercial background Marc is focused on customer insight and product design as well as ensuring the customer service we offer is of the same high calibre as the knives we make.  

Cameron McIntosh

Cameron has been working in the engineering industry for many years, trained traditionally by three extremely experienced toolmakers. He has qualifications in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, working in an environment producing high end products to micron level accuracy. Cameron has an eye for detail as well as a logical and creative mindset, working relentlessly designing and making products. He brings an extensive knowledge of state of the art precision manufacturing with a blend of old school manual machining to the operations team at Salient knives.