Hand EngravING and Finishing

At Salient Knives we take pride in offering the finest hunting and country sports knives available. All our knives feature the very best in materials and precision knife-making and come with a lifetime guarantee because they are built to last. The pinnacle of our range are Salient hand finished and hand engraved Master Collection knives. 

Exquisite, exclusive and as beautiful as they are functional, these knives are painstakingly crafted by our master craftsmen. They are true works of art. Each year we will offer a different hand engraved motif so these knives are sure to be highly collectible. We can also personalise our Master Collection knives to mark special occasions, or to complement engraving on a favourite gun or other engraved item, making them the perfect gift for the discerning country sportsman.

Watch a video review of a
Salient Master Collection knife by respected country sports writer Barry Stoffel

Meet our Master Craftsmen

Hand Finishing and Checkering

Ian is a highly acclaimed, award-winning Gunmaker who specialises in finishing and rifle builds. He has forged an outstandingly successful career over the past sixteen years within the Gunmaking industry. Ian has worked for some of the most prestigious names within the London and Birmingham trade and now runs his own Gunmaking company.

Ian’s wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in this time-honoured craft has allowed him to provide a range of services, from bespoke shotguns and rifles built under his own name, to renovations and repairs. 

Ian is now applying his skills in the time-honoured craft of gun-making to our Salient Master Collection knives. He will create exquisite hand checkering that not only looks stunning but can also aid grip, as well oil finish our handles to really bring out the lustre and figuring in our English walnut and 6,000 year old English bog oak handles.

Hand Engraving

Greg is a highly experienced engraver who has worked at some of the leading gunmakers. He started his apprenticeship J.Purdey&Sons in 1997, spending five years learning his art under master engravers Paul Chung and Martin Smith. He then served for ten years as a full time hand engraver at Purdeys, working on their highly prized guns. With his skills much in demand Greg then set himself up independently and has been working for other respected gunmakers including Rigby & Co, Williams & Son and Watson Brothers, as well as hand engraving custom guitars. He is now applying his formidable skills to the blades of our knives. Look out for his own personal engraver’s mark discreetly featured in all his work.